Purification Salt Christ Pur

Energy cleaning salt

Use during a bath, during a shower, carry a bag of it on you or place it in various places in the house, rooms, edges of windows or doors for example. Do not leave within the reach of children.

Indications: during a bath add 3 handfuls of salt and 12 drops of Christ Pur, during a shower, 1 handful of salt in a big glass of water, pour it on your head, let it stand and rinse. In the house, put the salt in a plate in 4 corners of a room or in 4 angles of the building. 1 handful salt in a basin for foot-baths with 3 drops of Pure Christ, very detoxifying and relaxing, restores the energy flow, relieves the stress. Product energized.

Note of employment. Download (pdf). Link towards essential oil Christ Pur.

Pleasant and natural perfume from Christ Pur essential oils. Bottle 500 gr.